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Negotiating and obtaining representation of Huashu China Company

HUASHU company is currently the largest robot maker in China and the use of this company’s robots in the Chinese industry is increasing. It is a company, without even one person of human labor. All the work including production, packaging, sending to the warehouse is done by the robot. Matal Electronic Company is the exclusive representative of the HUASHU company in Iran. The unique advantage and feature of these robots for factories Being economical, tireless, continuous activity in 24 hours, without the need for rest, water, food, etc.

You, dear ones, can contact the specialists and experts of the stable electronics company for coordination and consultation in purchasing, and they will provide the best guidance according to your use.

Visiting the Calumin exhibition

Mr. Dr. Peyman Salehi, Scientific Vice President, visited the stand of the stable electronics company and drew his attention and satisfaction to the production of burn dermatome blades and that we were able to achieve this. He showed his support and satisfaction for this achievement. And they showed their positive opinion

This exhibition is one of the largest and most important exhibitions that are held in the field of medical equipment, medical engineering and electronics, so that activists and manufacturers in this field can display their products and research, so that doctors, nurses, medical equipment activists can interact with companies. cooperate and raise their information

بازدید دکتر در نمایشگاه کالومین از شرکت مطلب الکترونیک پایدار