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Goulian blade (G60) new product

Dermatome goulian blades are specialized surgical instruments used in dermatology and plastic surgery procedures to harvest thin slices of skin for grafting purposes. These blades are specifically designed to cut through the skin with precision, leaving a uniform thickness of skin behind
There are several types of dermatome surgical blades available, including manual, electric, and pneumatic models. Manual dermatomes rely on the surgeon’s skill and strength to create the desired thickness of skin grafts, while electric and pneumatic dermatomes use powered mechanisms to make slicing more efficient and consistent
The blades themselves can be made from a variety of materials, including stainless steel and carbon steel. The blade edge can also be sharpened to different angles, depending on the type of tissue being harvested and the surgeon’s preference
Dermatome surgical blades come in different sizes and shapes to accommodate various parts of the body and specific surgical needs. Some common blade shapes include straight, curved, angled, concave, and convex
While dermatome goulian blades are highly effective in harvesting skin grafts, they do require careful handling and maintenance to ensure their longevity and effectiveness in surgical procedures. Proper cleaning, sterilization, and storage are essential to prevent infection and maintain optimal performance