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By using different grinding processes and considering all the parameters related to the blade, we create a thickness thinner than a hair. The sharp edges of the blades are because you are cutting a material with it, They will slow down for a while. This slowness is due to friction between the material and the edge of the blade. There are things you can do to delay the dulling process. Choose a material whose properties will minimize the dulling process. Select the cover to create a thin protective layer between the material and the blade's edge and prevent the blade from slowing down. Of course, all the blades made by the Mathlab electronics company have this feature
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There is no perfect material. There are many factors involved in matching your cutting application, it takes skill and experience to know what material is best for your environment, process, etc. Our goal is to provide cost-effective blades. The best price will be the best for you. Material and alloy selection is the most important part of this equation. The material of sustainable electronics has chosen a wide range of materials, which include: carbon steels, stainless steels, high speed steels (HSS), tool steels, tungsten carbide, ceramics, and quality steel. Also, the standard thickness is between 0.06 and 3.0 mm. If you need more guidance, contact our experts

Avalanche tape blades with hard, frictionless coatings for longer life and better blade performance. What applies to us also applies to our coatings: there is no standard solution. Instead, our experts provide the right coatings The benefits of high-performance coatings include higher cutting speed, longer life, better process output, improved cut quality (for example, with less burr), better finish than Edges due to less friction, and less heat generation, reducing start time or cutting failure when changing blades.
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All the products of the company are sterilized and packaged very carefully and delicately. The sterilization is done by an experienced and expert staff in the company to prepare for the packaging stage.

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